Joining Servier

Personal Development and Career Development in the UK

Servier believes passionately in enabling employees to reach their full potential through development, training and education, so that they can contribute fully and progressively to the success of the Company.

The responsibility for your development is shared equally between you, your manager and the Company. Employees with ambition are expected to take responsibility for the continuing assessment and satisfaction of their own training needs using appropriate help from every available source. This will require you to explore your capabilities, to understand your strengths and weaknesses, to share your aspirations with your manager and, above all, to demonstrate your desire to continue to learn.

In return, your manager will provide regular guidance and support through coaching and counselling; by stretching your abilities and by helping you to capitalise on them; by listening to your aspirations and evaluating your potential for future roles; by helping you to build a realistic development plan and identifying opportunities to turn this plan into reality.

As part of the Annual Review process, every employee has the opportunity to discuss performance and development progress with their manager, agree to annual performance and development goals and determine how they can be accomplished.

Overall, you will work in an environment which encourages continuous development and training and in which you quickly understand the key values and skill sets required for progression. You will always know where you stand and what you specifically need to do in order to progress, whether it be within the UK subsidiary or internationally throughout the Servier Group.


UK14WEB0013e(1) DoP: September 2016