Servier partnerships

The pharmaceutical industry is reaching the end of the era of blockbusters (widely used, high revenue-generating medicinal products) and is now entering a new era of individualized biomedical treatments and research on 'orphan' or rare diseases.  The European Medicines Agency (EMA) defines rare diseases as life-threatening or chronically debilitating conditions that affect no more than 5 in 10,000 people in the EU.  Medicines developed for rare diseases are called 'orphan medicines'.  The pursuit of these goals calls for the sharing of specialized resources, which is why Servier actively invests in partnerships with public and private research institutions.

Recent partnerships


Some examples of collaborations with private research institutions

Biotech Companies Therapeutic area Year
AMGEN (USA) Cardiology 2013
EOS (IT) Oncology 2013
BIOINVENT (SE) Oncology 2012
MACROGENICS (USA) Oncology 2012
MIRAGEN (USA) Cardiology 2011/12
GALAPAGOS (NDL) Oncology 2011
INTERCEPT (USA) Metabolic diseases (TGR5 agonists) 2011
BIOREALITES (FR) Oncology (monoclonal antibodies) 2011
XOMA (USA) Orphan Diseases/Cardio/Diabetes 2010
OSTEOLOGIX (USA) Osteoporosis 2010
GALAPAGOS (NDL) Osteoarthritis 2010
KAROS (USA) Osteoporosis 2010
PHARMACYCLIS (USA) Oncology (HDAC inhibitor) 2009
HYBRIGENICS (FR) Oncology 2007/11
VERNALIS (UK) Drug discovery (cancer) 2007-/11
NORDIC BIOSCIENCES (DK) Osteoporosis/Osteoarthritis 2006/10
ARMGO (USA) Cardiology (Ryanodin channels modulators) 2006
GENFIT (FR) Metabolic Diseases 2004
CORTEX (USA) Neurodegenerative Disease 2000/11


Some examples of collaborations with public research organizations

Public research organizations Therapeutic area Year
Florey Institute (Australia) Neurodegenerative Disease 2012
Monash University -MIPS (Australia) Various/ GPCR targets 2012
SiGN (Singapour) Oncology 2011
Weizmann Institute (Israel) Oncology 2010
Hong Kong University Drug discovery/Osteoporosis 2010
Shanghai IMM Drug discovery/Diabetes 2008
Colombia University (USA) Cardiology 2006/08
Institut Curie (France) Oncology 2005
OCDEM (Oxford/UK) Diabetes 2005
National Centre Human Proteomics (Ireland) Cardiovascular 2005
Monash University (Australia) Various 2004
INSERM Various partnerships 2003
CNRS Various partnerships 2003
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